How we design

We make it simple and thoughtful.
A website is a piece of information that most of the times is read

  • quickly
  • with a little attention span
  • with expectations

When it does not satisfy the reader, is easily marked as “wrong resource” by its mind and, as a general rule, will be avoided in the future.

The key is: achieve and prevent

Achieve by composing easily readable pages, with a good combination of text and images meant to ease and satisfy a human mind (we do not care about “magic SEO”… that’s bullshit honestly!).

Prevent to be wrongly indexed and therefore become a misleading search result.

It often happens with “magic SEO”, that pushes popular keywords in a non-sensible way (without taking care of the content).

Reach the right online environment

Each website is a resource, and there could be a specific online environment that better suits it.
Local businesses, for example, want google maps.
If you sell toys for children in a neighbourhood, a “parents local” group on facebook could help.
Musicians, hotel owners, restaurants, photographers… each reality is semantically categorisable.

We help getting into to the right place, and monitor the results through data analysis with Google Analytics.