Call to Action, a strategy

A new contemporary circus is in town! There are acrobats, magicians, musicians, actors and.. clowns. You decide to bring your family.
There is a special offer for the first show: 50% discounted tickets for those coming with a red nose.

It is Saturday, 5.30 pm. You are finishing work and heading to the nearest mall, hoping to find red noses for all.

You get there at 6.00 pm.
Today is public holiday, and the mall closes early at 6.15.

At the entrance you find a child wearing big clown shoes and a security guard, who worked there for 3 years.
You need to know what is the shortest way to the red noses department.

Who will you ask?

Hi! It’s Mike writing.

Do you know where our logo comes from?
It is a labyrinth for rats, designed by a research psychologist called Ewdard Tolman.

The experiment

Inside it, he ran two experimental groups of rats (plus a control group) for about 15 days. One experimental group had food into the “food box” from the beginning, and a second group had no food at the beginning, but it was placed in the food box later on, after 11 days of wandering inside the labyrinth.
THE RESULT was that the second group, at the 11th day, took very short time to find the food, much shorter than the first group.

In that period (called behaviorism), psychological research was dominated by the assumption that learning was possible only in relation to a reward.
Tolman, in 1930 (neo-behaviourist), instead proved that it is possible also without a reward: rats learn also when they “wander around”

It’s the same for humans and it’s called “latent learning”.


During the latent learning (or “wandering around a space without a reward”) we build what he called a “mind map”: a mental representation of the space.

The same happens with a website.
By designing a proper “web space”, we aim to send your visitors to the “food box” in the right way: after having built a sufficiently motivating mind map.

In other terms we want your visitors to, as quickly as possible, acquire the necessary information about you, and do the action (call) that you want them to do.

This is valid for any type of website, not only product seller or service providers, but also those who have informative websites: an action will help them fix and stabilize the acquired knowledge.


By the way… who do you think is better able to tell you the quickest way to the red noses department?

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